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STIGMA - Art Installation 

Magdalena Korpas is a multidisciplinary artist: actress, photographer, visual and conceptual artist.

With her project “Stigma” she was offered a place at Artist in Residency Program under the wings of House of Greenland.

"Stigma" is an art installation made out of ballistic gel. Magdalena moulded six heads that she has drown in earlier prepared transparent cubes full of 20%ballistic gel. 

Ballistic Gel allowed her to work with transparency, lights and shadows as well as shapes and structures. 

Trilogy: Magdalena’s project Stigma is a third visualisation of G.S.A taboo: She has written a feature film “Constellations” - currently in pre-development stage - she works on photography concept - inspired by the same theme - and created an art installation made of Ballistic Gel - “Stigma”.

The project was supported by GELITA and Joanna Malher. 

Special thanks to GELITA, Joanna Malher, House of Greenland

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