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Magdalena Korpas is a film and stage actress.

Her work has been screened at the Cannes Festival and shown at other international venues. 

While she is exploring her career in a cinema industry, she never forgets her first passion: the photography.


In 2004 she finished a photography school in YMCA (Gdynia / Poland). After spending long days in a dark room, the same year, she exposed her work in Ucho (Gdynia). She was passionately curious about a “strange human behavior” of leaving the stability and looking for the unknown. (broken relationships, death, long trips with no way back...)

To follow this “paradox of human behavior”, a year after, she left her family home and moved to Amsterdam, then to Paris, then to Los Angeles then...


She always has her film camera (Minolta, Dynax5) on her, trying to capture “the darkness of the soul”.


Working with models, actors or simply a strangers, crossed on the streets, she always asks them to express, by their eyes, this dirty grain of the most dark part of their soul: the mutual, dirty and dark secrets that no one will never know...

For Magdalena, a film in her camera, is a “one way ticket”: one chance, one moment, one shine of the light. One life. One choice.



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